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Welcome to Ohana Water!

Drinkable alkaline water throughout your entire home!

Now servicing CA,FL, AZ & UT locally!


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Meet our founder!

Hello and welcome to Ohana! My name is Michael Garcia and I am the proud founder of Ohana Water Systems. I grew up in Maui, HI where my love for the environment and people came from. Health, wellness and people have always been my passion and I have been in the water industry for over 12 years.

Stratosphere Ali'i System

Please meet our brand new Stratosphere Ali'i alkaline water system! We have created the highest quality, whole home drinkable alkaline water filtration system on the market. We take the cities tap water and create a beautiful alkaline spring throughout your home, mimicking what the earth's hydrological cycle used to do before pollution. We are here to take water quality into the future with this system. The Ali'i protects your home, health, environment and your finances!

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A family owned company that believe's water is life. Not only can the food you eat be medicine but the importance of hydration is crucial. We are made up of roughly 70% water and for that reason how much water you intake and what type of water you drink is extremely important. We believe in creating water that returns to source and bring you water as nature intended. We exist for you! We exist to ensure you and your families health are put first. The water we bathe with, brush our teeth, cook with, wash our clothes in etc, is hard water that damages our home and our health. We have pledged to put people and the planet first to fix these issues before the water enters your home. Ohana means family, and we believe that all families in the world deserve the right to clean water. It's mother earth's beautiful gift but we need to protect her to continue. #STOPsingleuseplastic #clearisn'tclean

Step One 

Ionized Pre-Filter 

Removes heavy metals, re-structures the water.

This process protects tank one.

Step Two

Chemical filtration through the use of the highest grade carbons in the world and patented German media. This also protects tank two.

Step Three 

Highest grade resins available

Sediment and particle filtration through the use of the highest grade resins in the world.

This protects the UV filtration system.

Step Four

Largest UV filter to kill bugs, micro-organisms and bacteria. Now the water is ready for re-mineralization.

Clean water, free of bacteria, bugs or micro-organisms

Bacteria Logo Vector_edited.png

Water in before UV filtration

Step Five

Patented alkaline minerals and hydrogen media from Japan to create living water throughout your entire home.

German Media & Catalytic Carbons

Largest UV on the market

6 patented alkaline minerals


Year Established

Our manufacturer has been in business 27 years

UC- Berkley Certified Highest Quality, Cleanest Alkaline Water


Made in the USA in Irvine, CA 

Calm Waters



Ricardo Arroyo
Spring Valley, CA

"I love our Ohana Water System! I can't believe I went years using so called "clean Water " My families skin has never been so smooth before. My daughters never have to worry about being ashy, or have rashes that require hydrocortisone. I also love that we never feel thirsty, the system has really been a game changer for us ! I encourage anyone and everyone to get this system, you won't regret it!


Mayra Moya
Lemon Grove, CA

"Today I can say with certainty that I love and enjoy the water I drink everyday, because I know this is the water my body needs to be healthy. That is why I chose the best water filtration system, Ohana Water System, which is complete. It gives me alkaline water with minerals that are essential for me and my whole family, thanks to God"


Stephanie Kenny
Murrieta, CA

"Ohana Water  systems has been the best investment our family has ever made! I get to enjoy the best quality alkaline water everyday. Our children's eczema and tangly hair is gone from bathing in this amazing mineral water. Everyone should have this system, Mikey and Michael truly care about the environment  and the people they work with.

Happy Ohana Family home installs

"What makes us different from the other guys?"

Quality     Compassion     Honesty    Love     Integrity

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Stephanie Kenny Ohana.JPG

Our Warrior Queen
Stephanie Kenny

Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer Warrior 

Stephanie Kenny and her family hold a very special spot in our hearts. Their family is why we do what we do. Stephanie had been battling Melanoma Cancer for the past 12 years and most recently stage 4. Her neurosurgeon has stated how important her diet and true hydration/alkaline was in her recovery. Ryan her husband had tried every alkaline water out there to try and get the best possible water for his beautiful wife. They were spending all kinds of time and money researching before they found us. Once we had that initial conversation it was clear that we were the top choice and highest quality alkaline water on the market. Ryan was so ecstatic about our water he assisted us in sending it off for testing at UC Berkely where they specialize in water, against a few competitors. At this moment was when Ryan knew he made the right choice because we scored as the highest quality alkaline water on the market with flying colors. Because of Ohana Water, and her incredible husband Ryan's efforts, Stephanie was able to get in about 20 extra trips in with her family and spend more time with her beautiful children and husband prior to her joining the Lord as an angel in the heavens in March, 2022. We work so hard on water education because of families like this. Stephanie you will be forever our Warrior Queen and we have a special foundation being started soon in her memory. We love you Stephanie Kenny, and will continue to work hard each day in your memory sweetheart.


We do what we do because YOU DESERVE BETTER!

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Every family that invests in an Ohana Water System receives 10 years free of organic, biodegradable, chemical free, hypo-allergenic soaps and cleaning supplies

Arbor Day Logo.jpeg

Arbor Day



Our most recent partnership we're so excited about is with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every system we install we will plant 10 trees in that families name with the Arbor Day Foundation. The Arbor Day Foundation will grant you a certificate with your families name on it, saying that the trees were planted in your name. We need to protect mother earth together and this is a huge step forward!


Arbor Day Plant Tree.jpg
Abstract Water


As per the EWG standards for drinking water. They state that for many Americans, turning on their faucets for a glass of water is like pouring a cocktail of chemicals. They also state that lead, arsenic, the “forever chemicals” known as PFA'S, PFO'S and many other substances are often found in drinking water at potentially unsafe levels all over the US.

From the lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, to widespread radium pollution in Brady, Texas, the perils of unsafe water are finally prompting lawmakers and regulators to weigh how to act.


Since our tap water might not be what we think it is, we need a solution to keep our homes and families safe. Here at Ohana Water Systems we are that solution and can keep you and your home safe where it's not even a new bill to you!



Sunset and Palm Trees

Meet The Family

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Michael Garcia 

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Founder and CSMO


Mikey Schmitz 

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Co-Founder and CEO/CFO


Beatriz Schmitz

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Director of Ops

Sunset and Palm Trees

Meet The Family

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William Garver

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FL District Manager

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Brandon & Hanna Braverman

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Arizona Representatives

Ramon Garcia .jpeg

Ramon Garcia 

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Utah Representative

Sandy Beach



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Beatriz Schmitz


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